The campain "Untenlassen" supports climate activists* who are affected by civil lawsuits. This is their call for donations:

What is most needed is money. That sounds stupid and does not reflect our standards at all, but: a civil law suit alone costs between 2,000 and 10,000 Euros – or more, depending on how many appeal levels we want to go through. We intend to take at least one case as far as the Federal Constitutional Court (which would cost about 32,000 Euros). We want to fight to assert that our resistance is legitimate, and to not let corporations intimidate people so easily. That is why we need your donations both big and small.

Account: Spenden & Aktionen
IBAN: DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06
Bank: Volksbank Mittelhessen

Unfortunately, we do not have a charity to back us up and enable us to send you a donation receipt. We rely on you not being discouraged by that when considering whether you want to make a donation.