About Us

“WeDon’tShutUp” is a campain in solidarity with the climate activists of the lignite coal power plant blockade “WeshutDown” in Germany​

In November 2017 the UN climate conference COP23 took place in Bonn,
Germany. It was accompanied by various forms of protest: demonstrations,
creativ actions, speeches, a mass action of Ende Gelände and an
anti-summit. On the early morning of Nov. 15, activists occupied
diggers and conveyor belts of the lignite coal power plant Weisweiler.
There they blocked the transportation of coal for several hours using
technical equipment. In doing so they forced the power plant to shut
down almost completely. To do this it did’t take much more than some
decisiveness and good preparation.

Since there was no effect on electrical power supply in the region, the
action also showed that no lights will go out if the the power plant
stops working as RWE and some politicans tend to argue. On the same day
“climate chancelor” Merkel said climate change is question of life and
death but didn’t even mention something like a coal phase out.

Now some activists face charges: they are accused of desturbing a
public company, resistance and trespassing. But for the first time RWE
also demands compensation for loss suffered on a big scale: They demand
2 Million Euro. Even a journalist who accompanied the activists to
report about the action is affacted by the charges. They ignore his
journalistic work and charge him with trespassing.

The climate justice movement with it’s blockades, tree houses, red
lines, occupations, demonstrations, and much more have posed a threat
to RWE since a long time. That is why this bloody company tries to
intimidate us now with these claims of compansations.

But as always: your repression won’t stop us!
On monday, february 25, we will start our campaign with a small
demonstration in front of the power plant Weisweiler and make RWE’s
claim public. We want to show RWE and other climate killers that with
such demands they only attract attention that they don’t want. We will
use the court case to denounce RWE for their worldwide destruction of
lifelyhoods and spread our demand of immidiate coal phase-out.

From this day on you can support us by spreading our texts, telling your
frieds about it, talking to journalists and convince the last costumers
of coal produced electricity to finally change their supplier. We also
want to try to get statements of solidarity from climate scientists. If
you have contacts – tell us!