Trial Dates

The trial dates of the accused activists of the Weisweiler blockade in 2017 are:

30.10.2019   9:00

13.11.2019  9:00

4.12.2019  12:00

at the court Eschweiler, near Aachen.

In November 2017, a small action group of activists blocked the coal supply of the power plant Weisweiler in the Rhenish lignite mining area and thus forced RWE to take the power plant off the grid almost completely. The action was called “WeShutDown”. A press review can be found here: [1] As a result of the action, the power plant emitted over 27,000 tons less CO2 into the atmosphere. The identifed activists are now facing both civil proceedings (for damages amounting to more than two million euros) as well as criminal proceedings.

This is quite clearly an attempt to intimidate the climate justice movement which is growing ever stronger. The repression against climate activists has been continuously increasing over the past years. But we won’t put up with this, because together we are strong.

The activists will make political use of the trial and will seize the opportunity to accuse RWE of destroying the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. Therefore, it is important that there is great public attention. That is why we started a solidarity campaign called “WeDontShutUp” back in February