Five activists who took part in the power plant blockade are now facing two kinds of lawsuits. On the one hand they are being accused of trespassing, resistance and disturbance of public facilities. On the other hand the power plant company “RWE AG” is demanding damage compensation of two million euros from them.

A journalist who accompanied the action for reporting is also affected. His journalistic rights are being ignored and denied by state and the company.

The dates for the trial have now been set:

Wednesday, 30.10. at 9 am
Wednesday, 13.11. at 9 am
Wednesday, 4.12. at 9 am

in the district court of Eschweiler

The activists will use this event to display their political opinions publicly and to accuse RWE of destroying our environment and livelihoods for millions of people worldwide by emitting CO2 for profit only.